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TipClik Analytics

At TipClik we understand that tip data is powerful. The TipClik dashboard and web portal provides data in real time.

Tip trend data can help support your HR goals, customer satisfaction, marketing strategy, seasonality events and more.

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TipClick speaks volumes... by implementing TipClik, you can
find out these answers and much more.

Employee Retention & Acquisition

  • What days of the week employees get tipped the most/ what months?
  • If the opportunity to earn more tips is associated with increased productivity?
  • Who is excelling with customers? Who may need additional support?
  • If employees receive more tips, will it lead to increased employee rentention?
  • If having the ablity to be easily tipped and conveying clear tipping expectations makes acquiring new employees easier?

Marketing & Brand

  • If you have multiple locations, what location gets the most tips? What location the least?
  • If there is any correlation between company promotional campaigns and tips given?
  • If there is seasonality to tipping?
  • How your customer service employees are representing your business by gauging tipping trends.

Financial Measurement

  • What the average amount of tip given? The highest/lowest?
  • If more tips equate to more business earnings?
  • If tipping is increasing or decreasing in your company?
  • If the opportunity to earn more tips is associated with increased productivity / revenue gains.