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The TipClik Story

The TipClik story has arisen over a 10 year span of business and personal travel. There is always a constant nagging problem when staying in a hotel both at the beginning of the day, and the end of the stay. Of all the people we tip from morning to night, there is one main segment of employees who we can’t tip…if we don’t have cash. And these are the people we feel are most deserving. They are the people making our beds and cleaning our sinks. These are the hotel housekeepers. And when we don’t have cash, they don’t get a tip.

There is another problem: when we do leave cash, we can’t be sure the intended person is getting it! Nor can we expense the tip for business reimbursement or tax purposes.

Now in the new era of the pandemic, TipClik is even more timely. Whether it is for hotel housekeeping, valets, bellhops, shuttle drivers, tour guides, delivery drivers, door attendants, gardeners, and many more different types of workers.…the need to tip cashlessly is oddly not available for people wanting to show their appreciation with a tip for good service. As well, businesses are reporting it is more difficult to attract employees yet, they don’t necessarily have the means to pay their employees more money.

By bringing in TipClik, employees are able to receive more tips and thus more income. Also, with TipClik, businesses now have insight into just how much their employees make in tips, what months are highest months in tips, who is making the most, what the average tip is along with many more analytics which can help make better business decisions, retain and attract employees and increase productivity.

Tipping needs to be done easily, anonymously, and safely without cash. TipClik does this and more.

And the reporting features for tippers ROCK if we do say so ourselves.

Try TipClik’s end-to-end solution to elevate your business now! It’s as easy as choosing your plan and following the three-step process Cashless tipping has never been this easy.

Posted Oct 1, 2021