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Employees Need Tips. Business Needs TipClik.

Finally a solution to enable cashless tipping within a business environment to your employees who are getting left out in 21st Century tipping. TipClik safely, securely and seamlessly integrates into your standard payroll system and provides personalized and anonymous tipping from an intuitive app.

How TipClikWorks For Business

1. Enroll your Business

Click here. A TipClik representative will start your entrollment right away.

2. Account Creation

An account will be created for your business. You can easily upload your employee information and TipClik and will do the rest.

3. Communicate TipClik to Employees and Patrons

TipClik provides logos and templates for you to easily communicate the new way of tipping in your establishment.

TipClik Enhances Employee & Guest Experience

Increase Convenience for Guests, Patrons

Easy Reporting of Tip Transactions for Tippers and Tippees

Improve Employee Satisfaction

Safe, Seamless Transfer of Funds from Tipper’s Credit Card to Employee Paycheck

Can’t Tip?

Can’t tip without cash at the business you are at? Please tell us and we will contact them about the TipClik solution.

Click here to suggest the business now.

Why TipClik?

Businesses, like yours, need secure TipClik.

Customers want to appreciate your employees for the great service.

Customers want to leave a tip, however it is very difficult in a cashless mobileapp society.

Businesses, like yours, want to control financial transactions in your environment.

TipClik builds employee retention while increasing customer service options.

Businesses, like yours, do not want to solicit tips.

Enable More Tipping