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Elevate Your Business with
Cashless Tipping

An end-to-end business solution to support your employees, build
your brand and satisfy customer need for cashless tipping

The Tipping App Your Team & Customers Will Love

  • Intuitive mobile app for cashless tipping
  • Unique IDs  and QR codes for employees
  • TipClik Team option to disperse tips equally among  employees
  • Robust dashboard & analytics
  • Promotion toolkit
  • Industry standard payment processing
  • Digital receipts for customers
  • No direct tipping or interaction from customer to employee
  • Purchase your plan here and follow easy three-step implementation process

We've Got You Covered

Increased Earnings for Your Team Members

Incentive to earn more and achieve more = greater customer service for your customers

Distinguish your employment offering with this feature to retain and attract new team members


Customers want cashless tipping and to know the person they tipped will receive it

Customers are provided digital receipts and reports for business expenses and tax purposes

Added brand awareness and growth for your business

Advanced Analytics

Dashboard reporting

Detailed analytics for employee incentive programs

Accountability for good service

Insight into tipping trends & seasonality

End-to-End Solution

Purchase Direct – Plans Starting at $19.99 per year

Easy Three Step Implementation

Marketing & Promotion Toolkit

Implementation support for enterprise accounts

Customer and Technical Support

“Tipping is a way to motivate employees and distinguish good service, and it gives guests (customers) a sense of control over their experiences.”

We Make The Complex Simple for Your Business

We Make it Easy to Connect with Customers on Every Platform

The TipClik mobile app is available for your customers via IOS, Android, and custom integration with various technology service platforms

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