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Digital Tipping.
Easy as Tip. Tap. Go.

Cashless Tipping made for hotels and other businesses where
employees rely on cash tips. Innovative solution to implement easily
right now.

Digital Tipping Your Team &
Customers Will Love

  • Intuitive mobile app and web-based easy payment for cashless tipping
  • Unique IDs  and QR codes for employees
  • TipClik TipJar option to disperse tips equally among  employees
  • Robust dashboard & analytics
  • Promotion, marketing & get started toolkits
  • Industry standard payment processing
  • Digital receipts for customers
  • No direct tipping or interaction from customer to employee
  • Purchase your plan here and follow easy three-step implementation process


Increased Earnings

Increased Earnings

Hotel employees are currently missing out on much needed tips.



Customers are carrying less cash, but they still want to tip for good service. They get a receipt for their tip now too.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics

Hotels get valuable insight into the tipping that happens in their establishment.



TipClik’s easy three-step implementation includes marketing and promotion ideas for every employee to get tipped by QR code or unique ID number.

TipClik’s innovative solution

TipClik’s innovative solution provides a marketing toolkit to to communicate cashless tipping in your hotel.

Each employee has their own unique number AND QR code

This makes it easy for customers to tip that particular employee just as they would with cash.

We Make The Complex Simple for Your Business

Did you know tipping trends create insightful data?

Tip data can not be harvested with cash tips, but with TipClik Analytics, you will have real time access to tip data that happens in your hotel.

Who is getting tipped most? When do most tips happen? Do more tips given equate to more revenue earned? How does seasonality affect tips? Do more tips lead to better staff retention/acquisition?

Get started with TipClik Analytics to help with your business and HR goals.

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