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Use Cases

TipClik Can Be Used In Any Business

How much transparency do you have with the tipping that happens in your business? What kind of benefits are you providing as an incentive to keep and retain employees? Do you know how your customer service employees are representing your business? Do you know what days tips happen the most?

TipClik can help answer the above questions using TipClik Analytics. TipClik can help with growing your team and your brand!

  • Hotel Housekeeping
  • Valet
  • Bell person, Concierge
  • Catering
  • Conference Vendors
  • Wedding Vendors, Photographers, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists
  • Coffee Shops
  • Door Attendant

  • Adventure Guides
  • Climbing Guides
  • Raft Guides
  • Wineries
  • Beer Maker
  • Holiday / seasonal businesses
  • Transportation

  • Car Washes
  • Moving Companies
  • Delivery Companies
  • Landscaping Companies
  • Spas
  • Limo, Cab, Bus Companies
  • Plumber, Construction & Repair